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BSS Basketball

Known as one of the best sporting organization in Indonesia since 2011, BSS Indonesia group has now launched a proven program to build the next basketball stars. BSS Basketball provides an exercise program focusing on individual skills for children age group 5-18 years old. BSS Basketball also prioritizes quality of coaching standards, training equipment that make training sessions more 'fun and challenging'. BSS Basketball will provide a flexible training program and can be applied to practice in indoor, outdoor or in each child's home.

WHY BSS Basketball

BSS Basketball provide "Habit Tracker Booklet" to encourage our members to touch the ball everyday in their home. The content of "Habit Tracker Booklet" is exercise program with various drill from Monday to Friday. Children have to bring this booklet every practice and show what they have done in a week to our coaches. We believe this program will accelerate the improvement of our members skill.


One of the most demanded programs that our customers are eager to try, this basketball program focuses on basketball practice only for the ages between 2-5 years old. 

The objective is almost the same with the soccer program: 100% fun!


We deliver programs that will help improve children's motoric movements and physical abilities in a refreshing way. This program is the first step for children being introduced to the sport Basketball. Understanding what equipment used in the sport, how the basketball courts are shaped, what a basketball ring looks like and what to do with the basketball.

Tangerang, Jakarta & Bandung


WHATS ON BSS Basketball

Are you ready to be the next basketball stars?

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