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  • What is the difference between BSS Basketball and other basketball school or club in Jakarta?
    BSS Basketball provides an exercise program emphasizes on individual skills training start from fundamental skill to advance skill. BSS Basketball also prioritizes quality of coaching standards, training equipment that make training sessions more 'fun and challenging'.
  • How much is the fee for BSS Basketball and what do we get from that price?
    You can contact us to get the latest price and promo.
  • When and where is the BSS Basketball training sessions?
    Our training session is every Saturday, starts 03.00 - 05.00 PM at CGV, FX Sudirman level f7 Jakarta Selatan. We are planning to open in other location soon. Contact us for preferred locations.
  • What is the available age group for BSS Basketball?
    We offer basketball program for ages between 8 - 18 years.
  • I have a daughter, does she can join BSS Basketball?"
    Boys and girls will be in the same group/team until the club has enough girls in the same age group to be in one team.
  • Does my children has an opportunity to become a professional basketball player in Indonesia through BSS Basketball?
    Our vision is to build a pathway for our students to reach their maximum potential. We are planning to work with universities who offer scholarship athlete program and also build great relationships with professional clubs.
  • Background coach of BSS Basketball?
    BSS Basketball prioritizes quality of coaching standards. Our coaches have been assessed and well prepared to deliver coaching sessions to junior basketball. We have put our trust in our coaches, we hope you can too.
  • My children is new to basketball, does BSS Basketball suit them?"
    Yes. BSS Basketball program will teach every children the fundamental or basic skill of basketball and they will train with one ball each almost all the time. We feel this way helps children build confidence faster. They do not queue up to wait their turn, and they train with the speed of each. This method is perfect for kids who love basketball, but still feels less confident. ​
  • What is the requirement to enroll BSS Basketball?
    Ideally, you can contact us and register for a free trial. However, you can come to our sessions spontaneously.
  • Does my children can have a trial to BSS Basketball and how much fee for trial?
    Yes. The trial is free!
  • How can i see the progress of my children?
    BSS Basketball training program will have an individual skill test for every 6 months to show children's progression through a report booklet. Results of the test can show children what areas they must improve.
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