Rio Class

2-3+ Years Old

For 2 to 3 years old ( parents participation 18required )

In Rio Club, children are introduced to the basics of football in a fun way but still in structured format, using child-friendly of football equipment.

Coaches will provide an opportunity for you to assist in your children’s early education, helping them develop their physical abilities as well as improving sensory, cognitive, and motoric skills. Its primary goal is for children to love their activities, learn to play by commands and further develop their attention span. 


Samba Class

4-5 Years Old

In Samba Club, children are encouraged to play independently of the parent or guardian. The primary goal is to improve their confidence and attention. Its builds enough confidence for children to participate. Children learn more challenging commands and develop good habits such as cooperation, how to play in a team. In Samba, our coaches will develop their speed movement and attention to follow several commands directly.