Since the pandemic, people around the world have been finding new habits such as: wearing a mask, having a hand sanitizer in the bag, spraying rooms with disinfectant sprays. For this year's Toddler campaign, we think it's a great time for the Toddler program to remind and teach good habits to our children who are 2-5 years old during their practice with BSS for Toddler.

In BSS for Toddler we are not just improving the motoric and sensory aspect of children, but the psychological aspect too where our coaches will help children understand the rights and wrong of actions, manners and discipline such as queuing, sharing, being on time and other positive actions that can shape a positive character for the future.

Off Course, all good habits must be done in every single session or everyday in general. But to help accomplish these habits, BSS for Toddler will break it down to 5 categories during a twelve month span: Stay fit, Stay healthy, Stay energized, Stay happy and Stay safe.

Each habit will be covered for 2 months (8 sessions) where coaches will guide and educate children by conversations that discuss whether or not children have accomplished these positive habits. These habits we would like to introduce are as simple as instructing and reminding children to make sure to have breakfast before practicing with BSS for Toddler or to make sure to not forget their water bottle and understanding where to put it during BSS for Toddler sessions. We hope in 2 months (8 sessions) BSS for Toddler members have found a new positive habit that they learnt from our classes. We will also give a written report of which habits were accomplished by your children in those months.

Watch this video for more info!