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Dribbling goggles and Dribbling gloves compulsory in BSS Basketball

Just like soccer, dribbling technique in basketball is also a vital part of the game. You can dribble to shoot, dribble to pass and dribble to drive towards the basket. One of the key components to improve your dribbling skill in BSS Basketball is the added equipment we use to challenge our players in a fun but effective way.

The goggles that players use in BSS Basketball while dribbling are made for individuals not being able to look down towards the ball. This will help our children have more feel of where the ball is bouncing instead of looking down while dribbling. It is very key for basketball players to be able to dribble while the head and eyes are looking forward to a passing or shooting opportunities.

Another equipment that BSS Basketball uses during this dribbling improvement are the hand gloves. The gloves teaches children to dribble the basketball with the finger and finger tips area and not with the palm of the hand. This way children are able to improve their dribbling towards a cross over or between the leg dribble.

BSS Basketball is always improving its training methods and adding equipment that are challenging is a big priority in our program. Let's see what other equipment BSS Basketball can introduce as part of its training programs in the coming months.


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