Toddler Holiday Camp at GBK, Senayan

Just before the Christmas and new years break in 2021, BSS for Toddler ran its traditional holiday camp at a well known sports facility Gateball, GBK , Senayan. With a perfect size and a well maintained outdoor grass field, Gateball field is a perfect field to run soccer programs for the ages between 2-5 years old. We have received some great compliments from parents about the choice of field this year and hope to run our holiday camp in the facility in future opportunities.

For this holiday camp, BSS created a Toddler program that was still reasonable to run during Covid. For example, the number of students we accepted in 1 class, a swab antigen for coaches, wearing masks during the whole event, spraying our equipment before and after session with antibacterial sprays. BSS believes that this was the number one aspect to get things right before we gave any other programs to our members. We hoped that BSS gave a service that was comfortable and safe to both parents and children during our Holiday Camp in December 2021.

BSS for Toddler would also take this time to give a big thank you to its sponsors who have helped make this small event during the pandemic a reality and help satisfy our members during the holiday camp with it’s product. Big shout out to Chill Go, Hometown Dairy and BSS Store for all the compliments that were given for our customers. We hope to keep building this working relationship for future events in the coming years.